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Building is a product rather than a project

Construction is undeniably one of the most important industries globally, and keeping up with emerging technologies is essential to remain competitive.

How has the automotive industry recognized the benefits of prefabricated parts, but construction is still behind with this concept?

I believe in treating every building as a product rather than a project.

That is why it is very convenient to compare a building with a car.

We can describe both as a kit of parts: fixed, scalable, customized.

For instance, fixed parts are chassis and structural frame; customized parts are car interior and building finishes or facades.

But what is the difference then?

The difference is that you can build a car and sell almost the same configuration across the whole of Europe, but you will never sell the same building configuration even twice in one country.

So the difference is in the degree of context influence, isn't it?

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Andrey Markevich
Andrey Markevich
Aug 20, 2021

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