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What is Kreo

Kreo Software Ltd has been developing and delivering software solutions for the AEC industry since 2018. The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Kreo is a platform with disruptive and unique inclusive solutions for automation, configuration, quantification and cost estimation of building designs.

We have been working on two main areas:

  1. Building our own SaaS products

  2. Building bespoke customisations or custom solutions for clients from the AEC industry

SaaS products

We are currently working on three SaaS products: 2D & BIM Takeoff, Skema, and PV Farm Configurator.

Takeoff 2D & BIM (

→ AI-powered construction takeoff and estimating software for quantity surveyors, cost estimators and contractors

→ Intuitive massing modelling and computational urban planning software for architects

PV Farm Configurator (

→ Solar PV farms configurator for EPC contractors that help optimising layouts through what-if analysis and collaboration

Bespoke customisations (custom solutions)

At the same time, we built many bespoke solutions and developed our technology, including robust algorithms we use today, web services, datasets, our visual engine, etc. Those are used as ingredients when we build custom solutions for our clients or new products to test in the market. See below a couple of examples of customised solutions.

Parking Configurator

→ The ultimate parking configurator tool built for McCarthy Building Companies (read more at

Kreo Plan

→ Planning tool that creates cost estimates and construction schedule from a BIM model (Sequencing, Data exploration, Gantt chart, 4D Schedule)

Mass Timber Residential Configurator (2D to 3D)

→ Building configurator that generates a 3D model with detailed kif of parts and specifications from 2D plans

Modular Configurator

→ 3D volumetric building concepts configurator built for vertically integrated companies and manufacturers (we tested it in the market in 2020-2021)

  • Kreo & Mode Modular. Case study video about volumetric modular building concept automation

  • Kreo & Green Prefab. Case study video about volumetric modular hospital concept automation

  • Kreo & Forta Pro. Case study video about volumetric modular hotel concept automation

Other configurators

We believe in treating every building as a product rather than a project. So we describe a building concept as a set of Kit of Parts, Topology, Design/Engineering Guidelines and Cost Benchmarks. And through computational modelling and generative design, we automate and optimise building models.


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